What We Do
The Center provides a wide variety of alternative dispute resolution services, including conciliation, mediation and group facilitation. These services are:

-CONFIDENTIAL ~ An agreement among the parties that all discussions and information divulged are confidential. This ensures candid and open communication.

-CONVENIENT ~ Meetings are scheduled at a time and location most convenient for the parties and most disputes are resolved in one session.

-INEXPENSIVE ~ For parties who have been referred by a staff member of a contracting city there is no charge for Center services. Otherwise, there is a sliding scale case processing fee ($0-$100).

-COST EFFECTIVE ~ More than 90% of the disputes handled by the Center's staff have been resolved at a fraction of the cost of hiring attorney's and courtroom litigation.

-TAILORED TO MEET NEEDS ~ The Center's services are designed to empower the parties to create their own solutions that meet their individual and mutual needs as a superior alternative to the inflexible legal process.